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Idroterapia del colon: What Comes Out

  • During a colonic hydrotherapy session, waste material and toxins are washed out of the colon with water. This can include anything from undigested food to toxic substances like heavy metals and pesticides. You may also notice mucus or other material being expelled during the session.
  • Keeping your intestines clean and healthy is essential for overall health and wellbeing. By incorporating natural cleansing methods like a healthy diet and probiotic supplements, you can support gut health and prevent a range of health issues. And if you’re looking for a more intensive cleanse, consider trying a colonic hydrotherapy session with our professional colon hydrotherapy machine. Contact us today to learn more!


  • We are a professional colon hydrotherapy machine manufacturer, and our products are available for global delivery. If you’re interested in becoming a local distributor, please contact us via email:, Whatsapp: +86135.1090.74.01 or leave a message on our website.

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